Video Diary 2

This week- favourite books, the loose shirt, weight loss and scary cat lady. Shout out to Liz for the Marguerite Patten video link.. is my blog following my personal journey to lose 100 lbs in one year eating only a 1940s world war 2 ration diet. For every lb lost I will re-create an authentic wartime recipe.

My video diary will be there to record weekly thoughts and feelings on this journey..

Heaviest weight 345 lb
Starting weight 299 lb (Oct 1, 2011)
Current weight 253 lb (Feb 15- 2012)

Just letting you know I lost another 2 lb this week…. yay!


3 thoughts on “Video Diary 2

  1. Hey Carolyn,
    How cool. I went through those years of Dr Hugh Dalton’s food rationing levels. I don’t really believe what you’re doing … it’s so amazing. I bumped into your blog by googling ‘wartime recipes’, simply because I wanted to get back a few of the recipes that were published at that time to help mothers especially, to cope. My Mother tried them all out, and I miss many of them.
    I tell all my daughters that we were the healthiest people on earth at that time … simply because of the clever design of our rationing levels. I think those who were brought up during the war live longer too! I was 7 when the war started and 13 when it ended. Of course, rationing didn’t stop when the war ended … I remember bread still being rationed much later … maybe even as late as 1950!
    I am of course going ‘real strong’ in this; my eightieth year.


  2. It isn’t a little thing! Having a shirt that was very small on you turn to a shirt that is getting too big is a HUGE thing! I love the pride that beams from your smile, Carolyn 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing your cookbooks with us! Would you be able to list the names and authors in a response here? I tried to write them out while you were speaking, but my little hooligans were being… well… hooligans, lol. and I couldn’t catch all the info.
    Thanks for starting a video blog! I didn’t realize how inspirational it would be to see someone else making it and being happy about it. It really is a motivator!


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