Keep Calm and Eat Eggs

I’ve been worrying about fellow human beings along the eastern seaboard of the US as Hurricane Irene begins to make landfall… imagining what it must be like to be evacuated from your home and not knowing what you would be faced with on your return. And then I thought of the families during the London Blitz of WWII, hunkering down in air raid shelters for several hours, not knowing if their homes would be destroyed…and this went on for years.

Us brits have always faced adversity, throughout our history with a “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude. The honest, hardworking people, roll their sleeves up, help their neighbours and “get on with it”… OH not forgetting the obligatory and necessary “hot, strong cuppa tea”… the British elixir.

This morning, compelled to read the various news reports on Google and tracking the path of Hurricane Irene, I found myself a little depressed about it all, imagining how if the hurricane does cause damage to infrastructure, it could cause significant hardship, especially for the old and ill….

I needed cheering up…

I reached for the two weeks ration of eggs I had saved up (just 2 eggs) and I made myself a decadent breakfast of scrambled eggs (with fresh chives and butter) on toast and topped with a little grated cheese…. It did indeed have me in raptures for the 5 1/2 minutes it took to consume.

And then I felt extremely grateful that today, all I had to really worry about was eggs….

Stay safe everyone

C xxxxx

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Eat Eggs

  1. I am worried about the hurricane as well, but as you say humankind can put up with and cope with a lot of disturbance.

    Re the eggs, my hubby and I managed to use a months ration up in one omelette last weekend (a six egg one split between us, with cheese, and it was delicious!)

  2. Hi there,

    Last week (before I found this website) I had been thinking about how we can make food stretch further. I only had 2 eggs left and wanted to make something for breakfast with it….but something that would help fill me, my husband, and my 1.5 year old.
    I managed to make enough scrambled egg for the three of us using just ONE egg. Here’s how:

    1 egg cracked into a bowl
    Small sprinkle of shredded cheese or parmesan
    splash of milk
    splash of water (to avoid using too much milk)
    flour (to help thicken and build quantity)
    dash of salt (I used garlic salt) to taste

    Mix it all together and fry with a little butter.

    My husband said he actually preferred it to normal scrambled egg because the flour and parmesan took away from that real ‘eggy’ taste of it and made it more of a mild tasting scrambled egg.

    All three of us had a small bowl of oats, and some scrambled egg on wholewheat toast – surprisingly it filled me up for longer into the morning. With a cup of coffee at work I made it through to 11am (breakfast was at 6:45), without feeling hungry.
    I made it again the next day using my 2nd egg 🙂

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