Another good day and kick ass veggies!

It’s a good job I am a big fan of vegetables as this week, trying to get back in line, I have chosen to mainly eat veggies for one whole week to help cleanse my body ..

Tonight, although I didn’t follow a 1940s recipe, I grabbed some veggies that probably would have been around in the 1940s and made a substantial meal…. as a veggie worshipper it doesn’t take me long to get excited about eating green stuff!

What I did was lightly steamed a bunch of broccoli. Meanwhile in a pan I placed a small chopped onion, a zucchini (well actually part of a chopped marrow), and a little organic cheese curd and lightly sauteed it in a small knob of organic butter..

Once done I drizzled it over the heaped plate of broccoli and sprinkled with a little sea salt.

It was damn tasty!!!!


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