Not a recipe but a quick healthy snack

Today has been a good day…. it had snowed again and due to slippery road conditions and the fact that it would have been a 40 minute commute over some snow covered hills to work, my boss was happy that I work from home. I do appreciate this although I do miss my work environment and listening to the chit chat..

It was just way too cold for an Oslo Meal at lunch time today. I usually knock one of these up for lunch as its quick and nutritious BUT sometimes you just need something warm inside you (please take your mind out of the gutter at this point).. instead I used leftover broccoli from yesterday, placed it in a small baking tin, dotted it with a teaspoon of butter, a little salt and pepper and 1 oz of strong cheddar before placing it under the grill/broiler for about 10 minutes until warmed through… I did also enjoy a slice of wholemeal bread and a nice big mug of English tea.

My youngest Hobbit (Emily) is eating many of my 1940s style dishes too so much of the food I am preparing at the moment, I try and make sure that my littlest Hobbit likes them too. The other day I did make “Curried Meatballs” following a Marguerite Patten recipe from the marvellous wartime cookbook “We’ll Eat Again”. Even though she doesn’t like curry the delicious smell was too enticing and she thoroughly enjoyed them…..

“When are we having these again Mum!!”

I’ll do the “Curried Meatballs” again very soon, take photos and post the recipe so you can try them!

2 thoughts on “Not a recipe but a quick healthy snack

  1. Hey Carolyn,

    Your post got me to thinking, which is always dangerous, about canned goods. Were there rations dealing with canned veggies? How much would you get?

    I have a recipe from my Great Grandmother for a vegetable beef soup but it requires canned tomato juice which in the summer could be substituted with the real stuff. What would people have done without this option during the winter? I don’t think they had sundried tomatoes.


  2. Hey Cathy

    Canned foods were not generally rationed per se (as far as I can gather) BUT supplies of canned foods were sporadic due to shipping from overseas etc. I will check my records on canned goods and get back to you

    People were encouraged to eat fresh local veggies and fruits and can and bottle and preserve the abundance of produce during the late summer for supplies over winter..

    Nearly everyone grew at least a small garden in their back yard and many people provided for themselves using allotments

    C xxx

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