Week 9 weigh in- no change

Start weight: 315 lbs (22 st 7 lb)

Last weeks weight: 289 lbs (20st 09 lb)

This weeks weight: 289 lbs (20st 09 lb)

Week 9 weight loss: 0lbs

TOTAL weight loss to date: 26lb (1 st 12 lb)

Darn, dash and codswallop…. really felt there would be a weight loss this week so have to admit a feeling of disappointment when I jumped on the scales!

Maybe with some exercise increase and a little less bread there will be a decent shift next week?

6 thoughts on “Week 9 weigh in- no change

  1. It’s ok. Look at all you have done so far!!!!! We are all here to support you. Maybe it is just a plateau for you body to adjust to what you have lost!! Your great and an inspiration to many of us!!!!!!!

    Hugs from one of your news fans!!!

  2. Thanks Pat and thanks Rena!!!

    You are both very sweet and I appreciate the encouragement and kind words!!!!!!!!!

    C xxxxxxx

  3. Carolyn you’ve done a great job so far, its just a plateau that you’ve reached. Your body is adjusting to your new way of life so it might become a little more difficult but we know that you can do it! Look at what you’ve accomplished, the hardest part is starting and you’ve done this for 9 weeks!! You are so brave to be doing this in front of so many people, I don’t have the courage that you are showing us all (I wish I did). So don’t be discouraged and keep plugging away at it. We believe that you can do it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


  4. Hey thanks Cathy- your comment came at JUST the right time. I was thinking of food I shouldn’t be thinking of!

    Thanks so much for continuing to read and leave messages

    I am almost believing that I can actually stick this out..

    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!

    PS We should all take photos of our dinner plates and I can post them on the blog- that would be fun!

    C xxxx

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