Week 4 weigh in…

carolyn2thumbIt’s still coming off! After the obligatory poop this morning (sorry for sharing that!) I weighed in at 296 lbs.

Most people would go into a dead faint if the scales groaned back at them with those numbers BUT NOT ME!

I started at 315 lbs ( 22 st 7 lbs) and am now down to 296 lbs ( 21st 2 lbs) in just 4 weeks so I’ve lost 19 lbs…I am very, very happy.

C xx

5 thoughts on “Week 4 weigh in…

  1. Well done! That’s fantastic.

    another recipe from the War recipe book – for all those carrots perhaps?

    Carrot Pudding

    Parboil a pound and a half of carrots, and grate them into a bowl. Mix with them the equiv of 2 eggs/egg powder, 2 tablespns of melted margarine, 6 tablespns of breadcrumbs and a teaspn of salt, moistened with a scant half-pint of milk. grease a pie-dish, line it with browned breadcrumbs, and bake in a moderate oven until the pudding is set and firm.

    Enjoy (hmmm).


    I’m making a bit of an effort to cut down at the moment and when I was complaining of hunger yesterday Alexander told me to think of hunger pains,
    not as hunger pains but as the pain of the process of fat burning.!
    BUT he’s just taking me out for a pub meal – I’ll try to be good
    Keep up the good work XX

  3. Thanks Carol and thanks Pat- I have some of those hunger pains (pub lunch pains) happening right now too!!!

    Good luck for you too Pat xx

    Carol- oh my that sounds nice- I’ll try cooking that

    Watch this space!

  4. Oh thank you so much!! It seems such a lot of weight to lose and so very far away but I hope to juts keep going and get there by next August..

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