Pandemic Pantry Recipe Cards to Download

Dear all, I’m working as hard as I can on the FREE to download ‘Pandemic Pantry’ community cookbook and am now nearly half way through the re-do! I need about 3 more full days so am hopeful about having it available to download on January 1st, 2022! Thank you for everyone who has submitted recipes!

I am also creating a downloadable recipe card for each and every recipe so thought I’d give you a teaser of some of the recipes. Each one can we downloaded or printed.

Recipe Card No 1. Pandemic Stew: Download recipe card
Recipe Card No 2. Soda Bread + Sundried Tomatoes: Download recipe card
Recipe Card No 3. Skirlie + Corned Beef Stovies: Download recipe card

I am still open to receiving any simple, frugal or favourite recipes you have used during the pandemic and you are also welcome to send a sentence on your thoughts about your recipe, the pandemic, include a link to your website/blog or favourite charity and I will be sure to include this with your recipe.

Thank you once again for supporting this.

C xxxx

7 thoughts on “Pandemic Pantry Recipe Cards to Download

  1. You must be working hard on this Carolyn, thank you. As soon as I’m back home next week I’m going to get started on these delicious recipes. I’m on an economy drive starting next week. Like everyone else so worried about gas prices, so tightening the purse strings. Once again thanks. Stay safe and well. xx

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  2. Please don’t wear yourself out on this project. Carolyn. Just do it when you can. We are all just grateful you are doing it. Thank you. xx


    • Oh gosh, I feel rubbish. Still haven’t finished, all my weekend taken up with other stuff, 2 hours spent on it this weekend that’d all. I must remember that I have so little free time and stop thinking I can get things done so quickly. Xxx


      • Please don’t stress over this Carolyn. We have all the lovely wartime recipes to work through! That’s thanks to you. If only we could do more of what we want to do, and less of what we have to do!! Just look after yourself. xx

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