I need a corporate sponsor..

carolyndonateI’ve started training for ‘The London Marathon 2017’.

I am part of ‘Team Legion’ at this amazing event and I have promised to raise £2000 for the Royal British Legion. For anyone who has done fundraising for a cause before you’ll know how difficult this is! I have some ideas I am implementing and am currently working on my first cook book (full colour keepsake recipe booklet with 40 pages and there will be a series of them) which will be on my blog for sale at the end of January (watch this space!). For every booklet I sell, £1 will be donated to the Royal British Legion. They called me today and are sending me bunting, posters and donation buckets so I do hope to get in a couple of fundraising bake sales before the big day in April too!

BUT what I REALLY need is a corporate sponsor who is willing to donate a good portion of the £2000 I am aiming to raise so I am asking you to please help me spread the word.

As a CORPORATE sponsor you will…

– Be associated with my blog for one whole year (there will be a colourful clickable ad that will always be displayed in my blog side bar top right)
– EVERY blog post I make until the end of April 2017 will contain your logo and link to your website.
– You will be personally mentioned in 10 blog posts on the lead up to the London Marathon.
– Your logo and link to your website and a personal mention in every newsletter I send out to subscribers (currently at 477).
– Your logo and link to your website will appear in all videos I produce and post to my YouTube channel until end of April 2017.
– You will be recognised via Facebook (2616 subscribers), Twitter (355 subscribers), Pinterest (1,100 followers) and Instagram (448 subscribers) every week on the lead up to the London Marathon.
– Your logo and website will be recognised on my Virgin Money fundraising page at www.donatepoppy.uk
– If you sign up as a corporate sponsor before January 20th 2017 your logo and web link will appear in every copy of my first cook book that I sell & market from my own blog.
– I will create a t-shirt with your logo and website address and wear this to all gym and training workouts on the lead up to the London Marathon.


How popular is my blog, who visits it and will your business be a good fit?

The 1940sExperiment receives between 40,000 to 123,000 visits per month and on average about 850,000 visit per year with over 4 MILLION visits to date!

Females between the ages of 35 – 55 make up 50% of visitors.

1/2 of all web traffic is from the UK. Nearly 1/3rd is from the United States.

The 1940s Experiment is popular in the media especially in newspapers and magazines. CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in sponsoring me via my blog to raise money for the Royal British Legion please contact me ASAP on 1940sExperiment@gmail.com



6 thoughts on “I need a corporate sponsor..

    • No sponsor yet but I have put a proposal to some of the companies at work to try and raise £1000 between them….have yet to find out if any are donating. That’s a great idea though! I could REALLY do with a proper sports bra for the race (I haven’t got even one sports bra!)…I am hoping to find some time on Sunday night to start doing some more mail outs for support so I will DEF make contact….off to have a look now at their bras! xxx

      • Ughh just looked at Bravissimo and Curvy Kate….biggest sports bra Bravissimo do is a back size 40- I need a 46 🙁 xxxx

      • That’s annoying – Curvy Kate goes up to a 44 (which is a start I guess!) but getting out there and proving there is a call for bigger sizes can only be good (and Curvy Kate pride themselves on their diversity)

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