Be the tortoise not the hare…

After 20+ years of being obese, there is one lesson I’ve recently learned and accepted the fact that “it is OK to be the tortoise and not the hare…”

The key to long term success is perseverance and endurance and one is more likely to get to the end and finish if challenges are taken at a steady pace. It REALLY is OK to plod along and enjoy the scenery.

The last three weeks I’m kinda stuck in the low 250’s. Normally this would have previously been enough for me to throw my hands up in exasperation and head down to the shop on the corner to buy 2 giant bars of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate and a large bag of chips. That’s not something I’ve done for 5 or 6 months now.

I’m accepting that the tortoise eventually gets to where it wants as it just keeps going…

Image from Team Theos Mohican Runner – Check his website out here

And that is how I’m facing my latest challenge, my second Marathon. The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon takes place on October 9th in the City of York. Two work colleagues and I will be running for my employer to raise money for our chosen charity for 2016 which is the ‘Children’s Hospital Charity’. We’ll be running as part of ‘Team Theo’.

Click here for ‘The Children’s Hospital Charity

Last year I walked a marathon for Cancer Research UK. I walked as fast as I could, lost two toenails, got runners trots so had to poop in a bush and came last (in 8 hrs 45 minutes) but was totally happy with that. I did something I never thought was possible for me as several months before the event I could barely walk 100 m without having to sit down because of back pain. Solution was to lose weight and keep walking…

This year, I have 7 hours to complete the Yorkshire Marathon so I have to lose more weight, train harder and even jog at times to make the time. I’m determined to do it (and hopefully not lose anymore toenails this time)

My training started today…

Will I come last again? Probably… but I’ll finish. I won’t give up.


PS: Did my first in public 5k run last week for Cancer Research as part of the #pinkarmy. I walked and jogged it in just under 42 minutes.


Here’s my MARATHON training plan if you are interested. Click on it to print.



14 thoughts on “Be the tortoise not the hare…

  1. It’s good that you feel energised to run for charity. Well done.

    Here are some videos that show how cancer of all sorts can be prevented and treated without dangerous surgery chemicals and radiation, usually:
    If you like them, please share. They are all FREE and you’ll hear doctors and other practitioners and patients giving lots of advice you can carry out at home.

    Many of their methods will improve your health and get anyone to stop obsessing about weight.

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    • Thanks Mike… I will go and check the link you posted. I am very interested in food being a persons medicine and also mind over matter so will be interested to see if any of these videos incorporate those trails of thought… thanks


  2. Well done for getting back into walking/jogging for charity, Carolyn. I’ll be walking the 5k Race For Life at Folkestone tomorrow. I agree that it’s making it to the end that matters, even if it takes a long time, and that’s the same with weight loss. It took me over 2 years to lose nearly 5 stone but because it took that long I’ve managed to keep it off for nearly 2 years this time around, whereas in the past when I lost quickly, I always regained just as quickly. Best of luck for your next marathon. Love Helen xx

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    • Oh well done Helen!!!! I am soooo agreeing with you! I’m going to keep going, even if its really slow but just keep on going and one day will get there and like you’ve proved, it’s more likely to stay off if you lose weight in a more sustainable way. It becomes a way of life. Good luck for tomorrow! Let us know how you get on!!! xxx


  3. Wow Carolyn, you an inspiration! I’m quite a bit smaller than you and after training for several months I could still only manage 5k in around 40 minutes! Well done you.
    I’ve started my own blog on my weight loss journey, at the moment using mostly potatoes, very WWII.
    If you are interested here’s the link. Good luck Lovely, you are doing so well, keep us posted.
    Love and light
    PJ x


  4. Wow Carolyn, you are an inspiration! I’m quite a bit smaller than you and after training for several months back in 2012 it would still take me around 40 minutes to complete 5k! Well done you.
    You’ve inspired me to start my own blog on my weight loss journey, at the moment using mostly potatoes, very WWII.
    If you are interested here’s the link. Good luck lovely, you are doing so well, keep us posted.
    Love & light
    PJ x


  5. Ooh I hope to see you there, I am doing the marathon too. It will be my first marathon. I’ve just started my own 1940’s experiment with my 9 year old daughter this week, too and I found your website yesterday. I cannot wait to try some of your recipes

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    • Oh that’s brilliant!!! Do you know how many runners/joggers/walkers there will be? Am thinking I read several thousand somewhere!!! I will be running in a TEAM THEO t-shirt as on the fundraising team for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity xxx


      • I’m certain there will be lots. The run for all events are often very busy. I’d say easily thousands. Sheffield half marathon was about 70,000 I think. they are really well organised events too. I shall try to keep an eye out for you

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  6. Well done, Carolyn! I’m currently training for my third half marathon (can’t even begin to imagine doing a marathon yet!), at the heaviest I’ve ever been (c. 238lbs), and all I’m hoping for is to actually get a time! I’ll be doing the Scottish Half Marathon on 18th September, and they have a 3 hour 15 minutes cut off time after which you get a DNF. Love the 1940s and really happy to have found your blog.

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    • That’s brilliant! I can’t even begin to think what it’s like to run more than 5K!! My plans for October is to walk fast and do a bit of jogging every 5 minutes for a minute or two and get in under the 7 hour time. If that goes OK then really want to try and run the London Marathon or at least run more than walk. Good luck with your challenges… am sure you’ll do great!! xxx


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