Thank you for your supportive comments..


Thank you for all your very supportive and reassuring comments left on my last blog post and on my Facebook page too. I really have appreciated each and every one and have taken comfort in them and am feeling much more optimistic!

Will be working hard towards good health in 2016, with a smile!

Much love, C xxxx

7 thoughts on “Thank you for your supportive comments..

  1. Sometimes tests are wrong. My last EKG said I had had a heart attack. My doctor told me it was mis-read. I had a 4th attack of pancreatitis [one CANNOT eat all the fat they want after having the gall bladder removed] and they did blood work, sonogram, xrays, and MRI. It showed my heart is fine. ER doc thought I had pneumonia; specialist six days later said my lungs were clear; I am asthmatic. Sleep is great for the heart, losing excess weight is great for the entire body; stress will kill us all, so relax and remember to breathe. We, your loyal and humble fans send you prayers and positive thoughts, and much love.

  2. Carolyn, I am so sorry to learn about your heart problem due to the pneumonia you contracted here in Arizona. I’m no doctor, but it seems that, if the heart works so hard during pneumonia, once your lungs are clear, your heart will eventually return to its normal state. I will just believe that that is the case for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of yourself! I will watch your blog for some good news soon. – Kathleen

  3. Dear Carolyn, I’ve just caught up with your latest two posts, wanted to add my well-wishes to the others. Follow the advice of your trusted health professionals, do whatever it takes to be restored to best health. (I’m inclined to agree with those who wondered about the amount of strenuous exercise you might have been doing, also about what may be required of you in your work.) Take good care. Thinking of you and your little family across the miles. xxx

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