Mince-in-the-Hole – Recipe No. 146


Another recipe from ‘Eating for Victory’. I LOVE this book because it literally is a made out of the scans of ACTUAL Ministry of Food leaflets bound together in a hardback book.

This recipe is for ‘Mince-in-the-Hole’ and was a way to use up bits of leftover meats which were minced up and formed into balls, roasted in the baking pan then the batter was added and baked until cooked.

Being a veggie I used Quorn mince but had problems forming it into balls that would stick together even with the addition of some sticky tomato chutney and a little bit of margarine. Nevertheless I was able to mound the mixture up sufficiently in the baking pan to make a fairly good attempt at it. It tasted very nice and I ate two portions with peas, carrots and gravy!




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  1. Just wanted to say I have been interested to browse the Australian Women’s Weekly magazines online at http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/title/112. each one has two pages of recipes, usually towards the back, one is from their food editor and one is recipes sent in by readers. The wartime editions have especially interesting recipes!

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