Which WW2 recipe should you try?


Found this ‘PlayBuzz’ this morning that someone had made out of my blog… it’s kind of cool!

Which WW2 recipe should you try?

Mine came up with Sausage Stovies.

What did yours come up with?


Thanks whoever did that!

C xxx


12 thoughts on “Which WW2 recipe should you try?

  1. I got Sausage Stovies too! Might be a little difficult since I’m a vegetarian, but you know 🙂 Either way, this is fun! And so cool that someone created a quiz based on your blog!


  2. What a great tribute to your blog! Sausage stovies for supper at some point this week – though I doubt this was considered a “challenging” recipe (yes, I clicked on that option). It’s not one of those recipes that make “meat” out of non-meat substances, etc. Which of your recipes would you say would have been the most challenging?

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