I’m sorry blog updates have been quiet..

We’ve had to say goodbye to a very good and brave man who battled terminal cancer for two years before finally passing away..

He and I spent 25 years together before we separated 4 years ago and he was the father of my three children.

He was a clever, capable man who tried hard in his life to always “do the right thing”. I’d like to tell you more about him but now perhaps is not the right time.

He was greatly admired by the children and I and he spent his last years very much in love with his new partner who provided much care and comfort and devotion.

We will all miss you..

C xxx

22 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. How wonderful that you were able to stay friends after the divorce, but how sad it ended like this – he must have still been quite young. So very sorry for you and your children. Cancer is a terrible disease, I’m glad his pain is over. Thinking of you all x


  2. Oh my, I didn’t realise you had all this to deal with as well. You must feel like a limp rag. But at least he died before you headed back to England, so you could say goodbye. Your tribute is beautiful. I wish you and the children all the very best.


  3. I know this is 4.5 years late but I did appreciate the support given here. I kept this all very private not only the hurt from David moving on but of course his struggle with terminal cancer which he was diagnosed with a year after he left. David and I stayed good friends and once things had died down after we began to live apart we were in contact nearly every day. He’d confide in me when things were difficult in his new life or when things were going good too… it was difficult of course but one does try and help friends. One of the hardest things for me as a person who likes to help people was not being able to care for him in his last months. Although ultimately we were happier apart and both able to spread our wings again, I’m still not over the fact that he is no longer on this planet. I bottle it up and try and be brave but feel so sad that he was only able to live half a life when he died in his 40’s. I’m having a sad moment just now but one thing I’ve learned is to let the sad moment happen and talk about it. It’s called life and I feel very privileged to have mine….. C xxxx


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