Video Diary 1 – Weigh-in and resolutions

My resolution for 2016 is to keep a regular video diary, persevere and achieve an 88 lbs weight loss to get below 200 lbs (about 14 stone 2 lbs).

I’m committing myself to be successful, to become healthier and to work hard at making better food choices and taking responsibility for my health.

Ultimately my future, my fate, is in my own hands. I will no longer be a victim to complacency….

C xxxx

42 thoughts on “Video Diary 1 – Weigh-in and resolutions

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ve had this top years and it’s nearly worn out because its comfy to wear. I’d love to get to grips with doing some video recipes so watch this space πŸ™‚ C xx

  1. Hi, Carolyn. This is a great idea, and will help keep you on track, I believe. I know you can do this, and will be watching your progress, and looking forward to the cooking videos, too.

  2. I hope you succeed in getting under 200 pounds in a year and with any luck I’ll get under 400 lbs. I don’t own a scale but I can get weighed back at the hospital I was in recently and that is also a good excuse to go visit the wonderful staff they have there too. πŸ™‚

    • Isn’t it lovely that you have come away thinking so highly of the staff at the hospital you were at for all that time. \that’s wonderful xxx Will be cheering you on too with your commitment!!! xxxx We can do this!!

  3. You probably have no idea how much of an encouragement you are to those of us out there struggling with weight issues. I watched your video diary and I was mesmerized by your lovely British accent. I have recommitted myself to eating more along the lines of the 1940s ration guidelines and less like a 21st century fast-food junkie! I’ve tried many of the dishes and they were very good. Thank you for posting them all together in one place. Together we can do this as we encourage each other.

    • I think what you say absolutely hits the nail on the head… QUOTE: “eating more along the lines of the 1940s ration guidelines and less like a 21st century fast-food junkie”….. I’m convinced this is the problem with our rampant obesity problem. We have too much choice, too much quick food laden with hidden sugars/salt etc. Nothing wrong with having this stuff occasionally but we get so used to using this stuff each and every day that it becomes a problem. Getting back to simple basic slow foods on a daily basis with lots of veggies HAS to be a good thing (maybe not as exciting but give me that over early death any day!!)….. yes lets all encourage each other!!! It’s a tough journey!!! xxxx

  4. Wonderful to hear your voice: just as I imagined! Looking forward to sharing your journey; prepared to cheer you along every step of the way. You give me incentive to get serious about my own journey this year. I so love your blog!!!

  5. Loved the videoβ™₯ You have such lovely voice, very calm and soothing:) Great idea to have a video diary and I know you will be very successful. Looking forward to more videos and video recipes would be fantastic. You are Fab and 50 and look amazing:) Linda

  6. Hi Carolyn, Love the video, lovely to hear your voice too. I am so with you on this, as I am needing to loose weight too, and I am finding it very hard, as I have 3 growing hungry kids, which means lots of bad food in the house that I don’t want to eat!! I am desperately trying to get us all to eat healthier, but I very quickly get,”but, I’m hungry!” as anything remotely healthy they turn their nose up at!. I will be 50 next year and I also want to be around to hopefully play with future Grandkids! We can do this! There is too much choice in the shops. The other day, I asked my kids to stop at the shop on the way to Cadets to get one item we needed. They asked if they could have extra for sweets and I said no, they still had some left from Christmas. When the came home, they said their school mini bus driver was in the shop, and he gave them Β£3 for sweets! I thought that was a lovely gesture, so kind, but, they were eating sweets!! Anyway, really looking forward to more videos, as I love your blog and I am always referring to your recipes.
    Thank you, Julie Xx

    • Hi Isabelle – I have three grown up children at home still and although one works, one is at college and the other doesn’t so I do sympathise as you still worry what they eat no matter what their age!!! LOL! Two of mine eat quite well though so that’s OK. One is terrible!!! Thanks for leaving this comment xxx

  7. good luck, dear carolyn! my best wishes for you to stay strong in your mind and healthy in your body

  8. Dear Carolyn,

    What a lovely video and what a great idea! I will be following your progress and getting inspired by your successes! Looking forward to more videos, with recipes!

    Best wishes in your weight loss project xx

    • THANK YOU!!! xxx Am feeling so good about all the kind comments – I WILL do this and I so hope everyone will also share their experiences so we can all support each other xxx

  9. What an inspiration – I too am getting back in control or my eating habits – I will keep popping back to see your progress. Keep up the good work

    • I think we are all in the same boat whether we have 20 lbs or 200 lbs to lose. I love it when people share their successes (and struggles). C xx

  10. Aww I’m so sorry you had a rubbish Birthday, But onwards and upwards my dear! I do say as a British Lady I also think your accent is beautiful, You are a beautiful attractive , kind hearted women. You are worthy of this , you are worthy of good healthy and worthy of being happy within your own skin. Come on my lass you can do this!
    I am myself almost into the obese range , I am also very small . I have lost 10lb which is almost 2 dress sizes , I’d like to lose 2 stone making me 8 which puts me right into the middle of healthy . I have restarted yoga, I will start eating breakfast instead of eating junk at 11am. Can’t wait to see your next post. (I have been a reader but not a poster for ages!) Sending you loads of love from Chilly Kent x

    • Awwww gosh thank you Laura. Been feeling a little down in the dumps the last few days so all these lovely comments have really perked me up so thank you xxxx Wow 10 lbs is brilliant!!! PS It is chilly isn’t it!!!

  11. I’m wishing you the best of luck! I had come across your blog maybe 1 1/2 or 2 years ago? I thought the idea was so interesting, using the war rations and war-time meals!
    Now I see what you are encountering, and its very refreshing to hear someone say what I think. Why did I eat that? Why am I not more concerned with taking care of myself?
    I came to the realization that I just had to do something. I was being lazy about ME. Its bad enough when you’re lazy about your laundry or your dishes, but about your own health – that’s just non-sensical. So I’m also incorporating more vegetables, smaller portions, and using Weight Watchers as a guide to get me where i need to go.
    I wish you godspeed. I too suffer from backpain, as well as having bad knees and no tolerance for stair-climbing. I started my journey on 1/5/16 and have come down roughly 4 lbs. I still have 141 to go before I’m considered *normal* to the medical community. But I can’t wait to be free of backpain. Nothing feels so debilitating and sleep-disruptive.
    So truly – good luck and remember there are those of us struggling along with you. You are not alone, and if you require a good cheering up or positive encouragement – let us know!
    Also on WordPress as ElderTreePhotography

    • Wow we are in a similar boat weight wise… YES according to the medical profession I should be under at least 11 stone (or 154 lbs) so currently have a minimum of 133 lbs to lose. Seems overwhelming so my target is to get under 200 lbs first then just try and maintain at that for a while first. I will check your blog out too- sounds interesting! Thanks for leaving a comment xxxx Good luck too! C

  12. I’m glad I’ve caught up with your blog again: sorry to hear that your trip away brought untoward events, hope you make a good recovery. A lovely video here, with your personality coming through and making a real connection with viewers. All the very best to you – and your readers – as you carry out your intentions each day this year. xxx from across the miles.

    • Thank you Valerie- that’s very kind. I am well enough to return to work tomorrow so about to get my head down with a 5 am start but it’s lovely to know you’ve come back to catch up with the blog. Hope all’s well and take care xxx C

  13. Just think Carolyn, one year of perseverance and hard work could lead to twenty more living life to the full and enjoying it to the max. You can do it! I’ll try and keep up with your progress as much as I can, I’m currently on a round the world tour having adventures 😊 Best of luck, you’ll be great!!

  14. Can I say how much I love your blog? It really is amazing, and I really enjoy your videos… You seem like such a lovely woman!
    I wish you the best of luck on accomplishing your New Years resolution.

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