Pandemic Pantry Sample Recipe Card

Dear all,

I wondered if you could help me. I’m busy working on what will be the FREE downloadable Pandemic Pantry community cookbook. I’m redoing it from scratch as I wasn’t happy with my first attempt but want to get it right and completed by January 1st. As well as the free downloadable cookbook (thank you for people for sending in their favourite recipes for inclusion) I also want to be able to offer FREE downloadable recipe cards like the one above too!

Obviously the image size above is too small to see clearly so I wondered if you could do the following..



and give me feedback on the font that I have used. I love serif fonts with their little roundy tails but I just want to make sure that it can be read OK?

Thank you so much and I really appreciate your feedback.

C xxxx


56 thoughts on “Pandemic Pantry Sample Recipe Card

  1. Thanks for your feedback so far, I know the lines are a little light in places, I think I will also pint out a couple of samples in A5 size and check too and thank you so much for checking and leaving your thoughts! xxxx I want to keep it fairly simple, the other version I was going for too modern and it just wasn’t right. I think this is better xxxx


    • Oh this is exactly what I wanted to hear! Thank you so much! I think I can confidently go forward now and convert the rest of the recipes to this new format if it prints out OK, thanks, really appreciate this xxxxx


  2. Sorry to be late commenting. I think it is the right style but I did find it a little “thin” in places (no problems with bold) That’s probably my elderly eyesight. Go with it – I would probably work from my tablet anyway so can enlarge on screen if needed. Really looking forward to the finished project


    • Thank you for your feedback too, I really like this font but I did think the same hence me asking for feedback, I may have a go at changing it to a different serif font first and see if it is a little more clearer before making a final decision. Tomorrow I want to spend the whole day putting in recipes, not sure how many I’ll get done but at least spending the whole day will give me a good idea how long it will take to add in the rest! Thanks again xxxxx


  3. Hi all, I’ve also tried a different font which I think might be easier for those who have less sharp eyesight, see Font 2 sample above, I’d be ever so grateful for feedback on this one too, I think it might be easier to read xxxxx C


    • Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks so much! I’m giving myself 3 full days to get in converted over and completed, I start converting it all to the new format tomorrow. I shall stay up all night to get it out for January 1st if needs be!!! LOL xxxxx


  4. I found that very clear and concise and easy to read. My only comment is a quarter of a tube of tomato puree? I have never used that amount in any recipe, but maybe that’s just me?

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    • Hahaha yes 1/4 tube is only 4 long squirts and its for a large saucepan full so its not even a squirt per person. It works out as around 12p worth of tomato puree. You could put in a can of tomatoes instead but I love tomato puree 🙂 xxxx


  5. I think the card looks great as is. Thank you for all your work.

    On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 8:12 AM The 1940’s Experiment wrote:

    > Carolyn posted: ” Dear all, I wondered if you could help me. I’m busy > working on what will be the FREE downloadable Pandemic Pantry community > cookbook. I’m redoing in from scratch as I wasn’t happy with my first > attempt but want to get it right and completed by Jan” >

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  6. I preferred font no.2 as I found font1 was too thin, especially with the numbers. I am shortsighted and need different specs for reading, and I found that with the first font I was having to move the iPad closer to my face to double-check: not something you really want to do whilst cooking.
    I also found font1 to be a bit ‘fuzzy’.
    I usually have the computer & iPad on dark mode, so font 2 was much better as it stood out better on white.

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  7. I think it is lovely, Carolyn, and ready to go. I have helped a published friend with editing for many years and I will be doing it later today. He likes me because I’m picky, and catch things other editing friends miss, so please take my word, this looks very nice! Recipes have to relate a lot of information and I like how this design has a clean look. I think the font is very nice, too. It is just a little different without being too fancy or harder to read, and it goes well with the layout. Good job, Carolyn, and I can’t wait to make the recipe!

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    • Thanks Judy, I liked number 1 better but number 2 is easier to read especially on smaller devices according to the majority of feedback, I really appreciate you taking time to respond. C xxx


  8. Hi Carolyn. After comparing the 2 Fonts I think Font 1 is a little crisper but if you prefer Font 2 yourself then just bold Font 2, that should solve the dilemma – especially for all the OAP’s like me !

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  9. Love the recipe card idea. Mine looked fine, but wasn’t curly script, it was plain typing. I’m doing my menu for the first term and was thinking about recipe cards as my daughter uses the hello fresh boxes and has given me a copy of a couple of the recipes and they’ve been handy, but I might wait and see yours first. Thanks



  10. I think either don’t will work. With my mild dyslexia I find serif fonts easier to read than the stripped down helvetica types so the serif is my personal preference. Good luck with the cookbook! Looking forward to it

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    • I know right, thats why I do prefer it but the other is easier to read. I think when I come to do a 1940s recipe book after this one I’ll pick a font that is more 1940s. I do love the little curves and tails! xxxxx


    • Thank you Kenneth, lots of people have submitted their favourite easy recipes, often using simple ingredients and canned goods or basic staples so its really interesting for me to see what people are sending through! xx

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  11. Hey Carolyn, just discussed this with my hubby, who is a printer, and we both prefer the first sample. It is a lot cleaner and more professional looking. Can’t wait to see the finished book!!!!

    Sending you my love,


  12. Carolyn,

    It’s very readable. Your recipes are always appreciated. The only thing I would change is to make the font Century Gothic as it requires less ink to print.


    “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

    Dalai Lama


  13. Just wanted to say I have listened to The Food Program, War Time Rations this morning. It was great, well done Carolyn, we need more programs like this. Sorry didn’t quite know where to post this. xx

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