Have moved in, kind of…

Just a quick update.

The move went ahead a couple of weeks ago and we got moved in by the skin of our teeth!

* The removal men turned up over an hour late.
* Couldn’t fit everything in the van (should have got a larger one).
* We got held up so my parents (who live in Swindon where we have moved to) had to collect the keys (before the letting agency closed) and let the removal men in.

We’ve still got about 30 boxes to unpack and nowhere to put things but am getting there SLOWLY!

I’ve still got to head back up North this week and empty the rest of the house, clean and make good before handing the keys back over to the agency. It will take me at least a few days as I still find myself in quite a bit of pain from the surgery when doing any lifting for a long period of time so I’m just going to do things slowly. What is left in the house will be donated or will book the council to remove and of course I will have to try and fit in as many boxes in my car as possible AND the gardening equipment. At least now we are on the final home straight!

I’m LOVING our new house. Despite being in an urban location we back on to a park so honestly feel I can breathe. I’ve only used my car ONCE in two weeks since arriving as we are so conveniently located that I am walking everywhere and getting healthier!

Here are a few photos and am really looking forward to getting finally settled with big plans for more recipes/videos.

Thank you for all your support.

C xxxxxx

12 thoughts on “Have moved in, kind of…

    • It is very stressful…you are right! I’m dreading this week as there is a lot of work to do up North but hopefully bybthe weekend everything will be sorted, keys returned and hopefully get most of my deposit back too! (Could do with the money!). Can’t believe how little I’ve used the car…infact it’s twice not once in 2 weeks. We are supposed to walk lots as humans so feel doing what comes natural everyday is helping with my wellbeing xxxx

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  1. Your new place looks good. The kitchen is all set up and ready to go! I love the idea of a washing machine in the kitchen–US doesn’t have that option. Why is there cardboard in the garden? Hope all goes well cleaning out your old place.


  2. Congratulations on your lovely new home. Shifting house is a pretty stressful time. Most important, look after yourself Carolyn.


  3. Carolyn, I love your new home! It looks wonderful. Where did you get your recycling bags? I’m trying to find a vendor here in the U.S. to make something like that for our City. I work in the Public Works Department and am trying to encourage/educate our residents about recycling.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!
    Wendy Henson
    Arizona, USA


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