National Trust Vegetable Tagine Recipe

I nearly got my feet off the ground as a National Trust volunteer. I did all my training, my induction, got my ID and even my much coveted National Trust fleece, everything was in place to work as a Creative Interpreter at Hardwick Hall and then I got that big damn gallbladder flare up.

That hit me so hard and it was so painful for many months there wasn’t any way I’d be able to stand for several hours. Before I knew it I was then on the surgery waiting list and couldn’t commit to going forward dates. To be honest I was also just EXHAUSTED… Although my full-time day job as a ‘Digital Media Coordinator’ is a desk job it’s often catch-up and chores on a Saturday and Sunday is probably the only day in the week where I have the opportunity to rest. But oh the excitement of potentially working in the glorious home of ‘Bess of Hardwick’ and getting involved in the National Trust work drew me to want to give over some of that time too….

In the end of course it hasn’t happened (apart from one day in Easter, shortly before my gallbladder attack where I worked as a ‘Visitor Experience’ volunteer with the Easter Egg hunt and also spent some hours in the National Trust restaurant clearing tables! Had a fantastic time!!). I loved so much too….

But I digress…

National Trust Vegetable Tagine Recipe

I still love to keep up to date with all things National Trust and today I saw this simple but seemingly delicious recipe on their ‘YouTube Channel’. I have a couple of squash in my pantry so this will definitely be in my tummy this weekend!

I had to share it!

As for getting back into volunteering for the National Trust? Absolutely. When I’m fit and well again, just try and stop me!

C xxxx

Useful links: Please click

National Trust – I have a membership that costs me £6 a month and with that I have free access to all 500 National Trust properties, free parking and discounts. As I don’t take holidays (being frugal) taking myself off to these beautiful places is my bit of rest and relaxation and I can go as many times as I want!

Volunteering at the National Trust – Even if it is just one day a month they NEED YOU! Honestly you get to meet some AMAZING people with passion! oh and you get to be up close and personal with history and heritage, so close infact you can sniff it!

Visit Hardwick Hall – You NEED to find out more about ‘Bess of Hardwick’. She was one strong and amazing woman thriving among the patriarchal society of the times. She built Hardwick Hall (more glass than wall) and was confidante to Elizabeth I oh and was custodian of ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ for 15 years after her forced abdication.


8 thoughts on “National Trust Vegetable Tagine Recipe

    • Thanks xxx I’ve got a couple of major changes in my life coming up in the near future but I intend to be part of the National Trust wherever I will be.. xxx And YES looks so simple too! I’ve got all the ingredients apart from the swede currently! C xxx

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    • Hi there, it took a couple of months to get it diagnosed with an ultrasound then I had to see me and do a referral to the hospital surgeon and then I went on a waiting list…was on the list for 4 months so all in all 6 months from first attack to surgery which is relatively quick as it wasnt an emergency (no infection or elevated liver levels etc). Xx


  1. Hello Carolyn, this looks delicious and I am off to buy some squash so I can make some for tea tonight. Mind you I had to look up “squash” to see what it looked like beacuse when you say squash to me I think it’s a drink! I have enjoyed making and eating your recipes. I hope you are well on your way to a full recovery (in time). Oh, I’d be excited about working in Bess of Hardwicke’s home too, she was an incredible woman!


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