Weigh in – End of week 1

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I think this was destined to be a difficult start to my first week back on rations again to lose 100 lbs in 1 year…the reason being I was going away with the new man in my life (I feel like a teenager again!) for a mini-break (our first one!)

Despite the morning cube of chocolate in bed (no choccie/sweeties ration now for another 3 weeks) before popping down to the hotel dining room for full English breakfast (well OK not quite for me as being a veggie) AND eating chips twice, drinking two pints of stout and homemade wine, my weight loss for the week has been 5 lbs!!!

This morning I weighed in at 20 stone 5 lbs (285 lbs)

I’m putting it down to lots of exercise over the weekend…

(Hey less of those smutty thoughts- there were LOTS of very steep hills!)

We had a fantastic time staying at a lovely hotel (The Victoria |Hotel) overlooking Robin Hoods Bay. Sunday was glorious and we spent the day paddling on the beach (yes the water was cold but so very worth it!) and walking up and down the steep hills, admiring the beautiful scenery and the ocean (and waking up to the sound of waves and seagulls) AND we visited Whitby twice too and stopped and had tea in a lovely little tea-shop in Pickering.

Lets just say my morale has been significantly boosted.

My mojo is restored..

I’m really, really happy.

Week 2 – Bring it on!

C xxx

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He bought us retro looking mugs- the Spotted Dick significant to him and the Grow Your Own significant to me!


19 thoughts on “Weigh in – End of week 1

  1. WOW! Good for you, you really do deserve this! I’m joining you as from today btw. This extra weight has to go AND I’m on the lookout for a nice man of my own. Oh, on that note…excuse me? When are you going to reveal him to us? Well, you know, not exactly ‘reveal’ he can be fully dressed! Lol xxx
    Love from Louise xx


    • Thanks 🙂 I am having to remember that just because I put myself out there online because that’s some sort of needy thing with me, on the other end of the stick there are people who would be filled with horror if their mug shot was out in the world for thousands to see…

      I want so much to plaster his lovely beardy face and twinkly eyes on my blog but I’d never pressure him to allow me to do so. Hopefully in time it will happen 🙂

      Heehee… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Ok. Im just seeing this from faceache and I think if you are on day one, then by golly, so I can be. I love traditional no frills food and I love the war years history -how exciting to be combining the two! Also, I live in Donegal. Ireland which is a traditional sort of area which makes buying exotic items like fromage frais difficult! I’m planning on becoming a student again in September so this will tie well with my frugal theme.
    Thank you for inspiring me!



    • End of week 1 so really very happy with 5 lbs off seeing I was on a bit of a holiday too (and ate and drank more than I should of but ohhhh did enjoy it!)

      I’d love to hear more about what you get up to when you incorporate frugal food into your life later this year- please keep us posted!

      PS Fromage Frais in Donegal…golly if you can’t get that I can see some regular foodie recipes on the web being a challenge!!!

      Good luck Wally!


    • You can make your own fromage frais (of sorts), if you can get hold of rennet you can make a curd cheese and then blend it, or failing that you can make yogurt and then strain it through a muslin. This is Labneh which is pretty much fromage frais. You can add salt and or herbs. Good luck!


  3. I’m glad for you, Carolyn. He sounds lovely. I’m glad you’ve gotten away on holiday. Everyone deserves a break now and then, and your’s has been a long time coming. Congratulations all around!


  4. Glad to hear your finding happiness at last. your man sounds like the sort that will help you find your way. Thanks for sharing this, it looks lovely and sounds enchanting.


  5. Hi, carolyn, i have also stayed in this hotel, 3 years ago on my 40th birthday, just me and hubby, i absolutely loved this hotel, so cosy and comfy. I believe it has been taken over since then as they now allow children to stay, didnt when we went. Love following your blog and all your recipes. Good luck with the weight loss. xx


  6. It’s a REALLY good hotel. Nice staff, nice and clean and attention to detail, good food, fantastic view and a lovely atmosphere… xxxx


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