The Supersizers Go Wartime

An informative and very funny TV series. This one is all about the Home front, food and rationing during WW2. These clips are from YouTube and I had to share!


2 thoughts on “The Supersizers Go Wartime

  1. Watched this again today…love the supersizers!
    Afterwords I watched the Supersizers Go 1950’s and what a treat…Marguerite Patton puts in an appearance! They were recreating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and they used Marguerite’s Coronation Buffet. She looks great for a woman of her age. I would love to meet with her to have a cuppa and get first hand telling of what the war years were like.


  2. I loved this! I’ve always had a fascination for history and reinactments, and do love collecting vintage and antique cookbooks. This is quite a new way of viewing history (through gastronomy), and I will be watching the others in the series as well. Thank you!


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