1940s videos

On these pages I am going to include links to TV series and videos series and movies of interest on YouTube to anyone researching or interested in the homefront during WW2

Please click links below

TV Series

The Supersizers Go Wartime

The British High Street during WW2

The Wartime Farm TV Series

The 1940s House TV Series

The Wartime Kitchen and Garden


Hope and Glory

The Land Girls


4 thoughts on “1940s videos

  1. Love your blog. I’m looking forward to watching these movies/series I really enjoy anything about the 40’s (and 50’s). I watched all of the “Foyles War” series and enjoyed them immensely. That would be another great one to put on your blog. And I’m going to cook some of the recipes too. I also watched and loved all of “Doc Martin” but that’s not during the war. Even though I had to mention it because its set in England. Also, by the way, you’re looking great.


  2. I totally love the 40`s although I was born in 1951.I was bought up with the way of no wasting.recycling and basically make and mend.I am not a fan of the modern day thrown away society and food waste.The more people have or lust after the more stress and problems it can and does bring.I love to downsize and get rid of stuff and unwanted things.I work as a volunteer in a charity shop so love seeing unwanted items find a home,and people donating their things,so it all becomes a great circle of usefulness.


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